July 22, 2024


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Mohbad’s Father Reveals What He Will Say To Mohbad If He Sees Him Again

Joseph Aloba who is the father of late singer Mohbad has revealed what he has to tell Mohbad if he gets to see him again. He said this during an interview with Max 103.2 fm.

According to the father he will tell his late son to be careful of the woman he marries, this is coming after Joseph claimed that Mohbad’s wife whose name is Omowunmi and her lawyer are planing to kill him. Recall that Mohbad’s father and Omowunmi has not been in good terms since the late singer passed away.

At the Coroner’s inquest court Mohbad’s father revealed that Omowunmi has been unfaithful to his son while he was alive and also recounted how his son told him that Wunmi used to put sleeping pills in his indomie and she will go and sleep with a signee in another room in the same house.

Going further with the interview, Mohbad’s father said that because Mohbad was a quite person, he made mistake in the choice of woman he married. He added that he wasn’t in support of his son marrying Wunmi and he also stressed out that Mohbad was the person who paid the dowry of Wunmi and not his parents.