June 18, 2024


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ID Cabasa Explains Why He Left Banking For Music

Celebrity music producer ID Cabasa has explained why he left his banking job to venture into music, according to the music producer, he has worked with two Nigerian banks.

In a recent interview he revealed that music has always been his passion but his parents wanted him to be a doctor, according to him, he studied medicine for two years then dropped out to study economics.

He said;

“I did medicine for two years, then went to study economics. After my masters, I worked with two Nigerian banks and then I went into music.

“My parents wanted me to be a doctor. When I got admission to study medicine, I knew I was not going to do that. So I wrote another JAMB and was admitted into Lagos State University to study economics. I couldn’t study music then because it wasn’t seen as a career, unlike now. Initially, I was doing music just for the passion.

“Despite studying economics, I always knew I would do music. Not just music. If I tell people that music was not the first thing that I did in art, they won’t believe me. It was acting.”