March 2, 2024


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Why Rapper Sipo Always Pays Tribute To MC Loph

Indigenous Igbo rapper known as Sipo is one of the fastest rising rappers from Imo State and a member of the popular Golden Niggaz Gang which is a music gang in Imo State.
The rapper is known as Evangelist N’ime Ogbe because he uses his rap skills to preach against the use of hard drugs and this has earned him some accolades in the city and beyond.
One interesting thing about Sipo is that he is also known for always paying tribute to late MC Loph, this can be seen in some of his social media post and also in Owerri Rap League where he dissed his fellow rapper Luke Nathans.
According to the rapper, he is the reincarnate of the late MC who was also an indigenous Igbo rapper and the crooner of Osundi Owendi.
Sipo believes that MC Loph lives in him even tho he didn’t have a personal relationship when the rapper was alive, according to him, he mustn’t have a personal relationship to be the reincarnate of MC Loph.