July 22, 2024


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Portable Tried To Use Me For Ritual – Young Duu Blows Hot

Young Duu has taken to social media to call out his former boss Portable for fighting his new promoter at a bar, in the video he refereed to Portable as a foolish person.

Going further, he accused Portable of trying to use him for ritual but it was unsuccessful, he also said he was beaten up by boys who identified him as portable’s boy.

Young Duu further advised Portable to focus on his first son revealing that he is also a father.

He said;

“He tried to use me for a ritual, but I was saved and ended up in the hospital. He was angry that I didn’t die. May things not get better for you.”

“You’re an unfortunate person. We used to smoke together in the street, yet I called you brother. You’ll never find fortune.”