April 16, 2024


Xclusively The Best

Xclusive Profile Is Back!!!

Team Henryxclusive started this idea so as to help our upcoming entertainers gain more visible and also for the world to know that they exist.

Xclusive Profile created by Henryxclusive is aimed at projecting our faster and fastest rising stars for the world to know more about them and their craft.
Before, it was meant only for ARTISTES, but this time around we are including everyone in the entertainment industry be it graphic designers, mix and master engineers, sound engineers, disc jockeys, content creators, influencers and many others.

With our website that has thousands of visitors daily and our socials we will be showcasing our entertainers, Las las we all rise by lifting others.

Xclusive Profile is going to monthly and it’ll feature two entertainers per month. In other to make Xclusive Profile worthy, we have come up with certain criteria an entertainer must meet so as to be featured.

Stay tuned for more updates!!!