February 25, 2021

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What determines your future is your audacity and boldness — Remy Jnr

All of us are born with great potentials but we are limited by fear of uncertainties. Most times, we think we cannot succeed. It’s a serious negative mindset that we need to change.

I want you to realize that as soon as you leave school and join the real world, what determines your future is your audacity and boldness. Therefore, you must learn to take risks and how to venture out. You limit yourself when you doubt your ability to make it in any chosen career or business.

Most of us exhibit so much fear in owning a business. Whenever it comes to investing money, we try to play safe. Why are you afraid that you’re going to lose that money? All the successful people you hear about today started out like you but they were courageous to take risks by investing in something.

No matter how brilliant you are, you need both technical knowledge and courage to succeed in life. One funny thing about schooling is that as students, you know the answers but lack the courage to act on the answers. That’s why school smarts do not really do well in the real world.

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, I make bold to say that you must be willing to take risks. This is because; risk takers end up with many options to choose from unlike those who limit themselves.

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