November 26, 2020

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The resuscitation of Igbo language/culture is important – Weimpact Generations



The resuscitation of Igbo language & Culture for Global Impact

This programme was initiated to arouse the interest of the young ones to embrace our language and Cultural values (Igbo) for a global transformation and impact. It is observed that when an individual is caught young, such individual do good as such, we have decided to start from the selected ten(10) schools in Owerri Municipal Council to participate in a competition that involves several activities like(translation of words, idioms, presentation etc) all in Igbo translation. We also have incentives for the participants like

#Branded exercise books

#Cash Prizes


#Awards to the 3 winning schools

#Certificate of participation

#Distribution of Sanitary Pads.

Also, we are in partnership with the “Secondary Education Management Board and Red Cross Society of Nigeria, Imo state Branch.

DATE; 21st February,2020.

VENUE; Government College Okigwe Road, Owerri.

TIME; 9am