August 17, 2022

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Star Times Reduces Subscription In Nollywood And Telenovelas

Economical pay-TV provider, StarTimes has introduced a new consumer incentive drive that yields more top content to subscribers with zero extra cost.

This promo is tagged, ‘more value, same price’ and kicks off on September 1 will see that active basic and smart subscribers gain access to three extra channels that are exclusive to StarTimes topmost plan.

 These channels includes the restored ST Nollywood Plus channel dedicated to top Nollywood movies; animation channel, DreamWorks and highly-rated telenovela channel, ST Novela E Plus.

Talking about the incentive, Lazarus Ibeabuchi, PR Manager, StarTimes Nigeria said that the campaign is in line with StarTimes core business objective to make the best of family entertainment accessible to all, irrespective of social class.

“In these trying times for many homes, entertainment happens to be a viable route to finding relief from stress and anxieties around us. We also have realized that there is a craving for more, which usually costs more elsewhere. Being a family-oriented brand, we feel the hard times that most homes are experiencing and have chosen to widen their access to tastier content, thereby giving families more value at no extra charge,” he said