December 5, 2020

Henry Xclusive

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See what a secondary school student wrote to a corper in a CA test (photo)

Above is what a secondary school student wrote as an answer to a question in a biology test in a secondary school in Edo State.

I believe this was a simple question being asked but the students replied to the corper that he was not in school during the first term. “I was not in school first time” just because he didn’t know the answer.

And the corper’s response was hilarious and it seems like the perfect reply to what the student said. “You’re funny, I was also not in your school first term”. This is the response of the corper.

This was circulated by a serving Corps member in Edo State who is his biology teacher.

Nowadays we have different kind of secondary school students, imagine as a teacher, after putting all your efforts in teaching your students, one of them now write this to you because he can’t answer a question.

If you were the teacher of this student, what would be your own reaction to this? Would you rather beat him or report him to the principal?

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