October 1, 2020

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Police officer arrested for assaulting a porter worker ( video)

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A Police officer has been arrested for assaulting a ports worker who was picking up his friend who works with a medical equipment company in Lagos. 

Recall that President Buhari who issued a lockdown order in Lagos, Ogun state and Abuja, stated that seaports in Lagos shall remain operational. Hospitals and all related medical establishments as well as organizations in health care related manufacturing and distribution were also exempted from the lockdown order. 

Nigerian veteran rapper, Ruggedman alerted the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) of the assault incident on Twitter. He identified the police officer as M. Aliu and further disclosed that he was assaulting a ports worker at Area M command, Idimu.

He tweeted; 

HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!@PoliceNG @PoliceNG_CRU look at your officer M. Aliu hitting an innocent ports worker at Area M command, idimu. His offence? Picking his friend while works in a MEDICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY l, both exempted from lockdown n she has a PASS. CC @AcpIshaku