September 29, 2020

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Peruzzi: School no Be Scam

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Peruzzi addresses those who claim education is fraudulent, says school is not a scam.

It is not new to hear that an individual who did not attain a full level of education becomes extremely successful in the future.

Due to such instances, many Nigerians especially youths are starting to have a certain view of education which is highly uncalled for.

popular DMW singer; Peruzzi was to be sighted as a tool to portray this ignorant theory.

The Nana singer posted a throwback photo of him as a medical student in Ukraine. This photo, however, received many reactions, especially from fans who didn’t know he was educated to such an extent.

A twitter user identified as @Orcabi_music shared a photo of the singer talking about how he was a trained doctor turned musician. 

His words;

“God no go shame us o My nigga really practiced medicine!!!! And person tell me say school no be scam? Or I no follow my passion?? Lmaooooooo”

Peruzzi on seeing this tweet point blankly replied;

“School No Be Scam”

So, y’all heard from the horse’s mouth school is not a scam!

He might decide to quit music tomorrow, and eventually has something big to fall back on; medicine!

You are free to chase your dream, but make sure you’re educated!

Or what do you think guys, School Na scam??