March 2, 2021

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Man collapse into coma after discovering someone else is responsible for his 3 children

A man has collapsed on Monday evening and gone into coma after finding out that his 3 children whom he had nurtured for over 18 years are for another man.
Narrating what happened, with the name Bella Donnie, a sister to the man involved took to social media and wrote: “My brother has gone into coma after finding out that his 3children, aged 18, 15 and 10 are not his own.
His eldest son, Lyion was admitted for a blood disease and his father was asked to donate blood for analysis, that was how we found out. All 3 children share the same blood which isn’t for my brother.”
Ms Donnie further explained that the wife has refused to say who the father is, instead has continued to beg for forgiveness.
“His wife keeps asking us to forgive her. How is that even possible? You’ve had an affair with another man for almost 18years and he fathered your 3 children? Wow!
Tell us who he is and maybe we all can settle this. Also hope nothing happens to my brother or else, it’ll be a whole different ball game.” She concluded

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