August 17, 2022

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Interesting Facts About The Male Housemates In BBN Season 6

No doubt the male housemates in this Big Brother Naija Season 6 edition have started giving us their vibes and energy.

We at Henryxclusive has compiled some interesting facts you might need to know about the Housemates. Below are the facts

White Money is a businessman who love entertainment. He derives joy in seeing people smile, also he is known to be a cheerful giver.

Niyi is a gentleman from Oyo State, Niyi has a family and they are fine with him coming for the show. He’s a fun guy with loads of vibes and energy.

Yerins is a medical doctor aged 27, he behaves like an introvert but he’s definitely not. Yerins is a typical example of what they call “eat and grow tiny” because he eats alot but doesn’t grow fat.

Jay Paul is definitely an entertainment guy, he calls himself a social butterfly. Jay Paul is a TV presenter, he makes movies, plays tooo much and of course doesn’t take life seriously.

Emmanuel was once Mr Africa, he’s into pageantry and according to him he’s very competitive diligent and focused

Sammie is a student from Kaduna State, according to him he’s here only for the money and he’s going to bring alot of vibe to the house.

Boma is an actor who stayed in Yaba before moving over to Europe. He is also a model and a former football player.

Saga is from Lagos aged 28 but feels he’s still 21 (very funny right🤣🤣🤣). He has a free spirit and is populaly addressed as a “woman wrapper” because of his love for ladies.

Pete is a 36 year old guy who loves to sing, paint and sketch. Pete is a very hardworking guy who loves to play ludo and Monopoly. He is also into Real Estate and of course he’s is a drama King with a lot of Gbas Gbos in his life.

Yousef is a 29 year old model and teacher from Jos, he loves to talk and brag about himself. Girls are always crushing on him as he’ll be bringing the fun and sexy part to the show.

Cross is a 31 year old adventurous and spontaneous man. Cross revealed that he loves pretty women and would love to see them fight because of him. He is also good at clubbing and working out