December 1, 2021

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If you can’t have my back don’t call me friend – Fifi Agoms cries out

Popular Owerri Content Creator known as Fifi Agoms has taken to her Facebook page to address the issue of friends who take sides when commenters comment negatively on their friends post. She also called out people who indirectly share posts to ridicule their friend.

See her post below

It’s quite funny how we claim to be friends here and gat each other’s back. Your see posts of ur fb friends whom u claim u are in good terms with. They post have what they are known for here on facebook. They post about it back to see their posts u laugh, react and even drop hilarious comments to match with the posts. Then someone somewhere shades them without calling names.
Aunty “don’t mind them”, You forget u have a friend that does same and drop such comments on such a post. U drop ur “don’t mind them” without conscience and other heart breaking comments. U love and share the posts join. Indirectly u riddicule that friend.
U don’t even care how they will feel seeing such..You are nothing but a hypocrite.
Why not comment and tell those friends that what they are doing ain’t right ?
Or say ur real mind . But nop
U support them and then insult them again indirectly. U want to get favour from both ends . U can’t give loyalty to people You call Friends. I look beyond ur smiles and gifts.
If u can’t have my back don’t call me

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