February 25, 2021

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We recently had an interview with a very fast rising entrepreneur, in no other person than Mr Obasi Joseph, who is the CEO of Joseph’s Pot.

Joseph’s Pot is one of the fastest rising food vendors we have in Owerri. Joseph’s Pot specializes in exploring noodles and serving unbelievable recipes.

This is how our interview went:

Henryxclusive: what brought about your business idea?

Joseph’s Pot: The idea came like a joke man. I cooked for a visiting friend , he loved it, hyped me lol, it got into my head and I posted it on my story.

Henryxclusive: How did you come out with the name?

Joseph’s Pot: When I made my first post online, I said, “if you think you don’t love noodles, you probably haven’t eaten from my pot. which implies Joseph’s Pot😂 I didn’t think so much on what name to use.

Henryxclusive: When did you start the business?

Joseph’s Pot: Started out in August 2019, it was during summer holiday.

Henryxclusive: How was it when you first started?

Joseph’s Pot: Well, the idea was widely accepted, the concept for everyone, was new and exciting. Family and friends loved it and encouraged me to step it all up and I listened.

Henryxclusive: What’s the business all about?

Joseph’s Pot: The big idea is to explore noodles, by that I mean, serving unbelievable noodles recipes and run a very affordable and quick delivery service.

Henryxclusive: Was there any fear in the beginning?

Joseph’s Pot: Oh yes😂. I cooked with tension because I felt I wasn’t trained to do this, I wanted to put in my best but I lacked experience as a starter lol. It was crazy, its like getting into a whole new world and everyone expects more from you. I was scared of cooking wrongly, I was scared the customer might not like it, I was scared of late delivery. I would freak out when cooking and my phone starts to ring. But somehow tho, I knew I could get better at it so I kept on moving on.

Henryxclusive: What’s your biggest fear now?

Joseph’s Pot: I was about to say I don’t have any fear right now but then I remembered one thing. “Loss” you see, months have gone in, my experience has expanded to an extent. Joseph’s Pot is a growing brand and right now I am scared of running at loss. I mean not making profit from my service.

Henryxclusive: Any challenges so far?

Joseph’s Pot: Lol challenges for a starting Nigerian entrepreneur? It hasn’t been easy oh but you know some people have the grace to make things seem easy. It has been massively challenging but God has been on my side all the way.
From day one, the selling price has never tallied with production cost but I moved on that way because for me I just wanted people to know I can actually cook noodles.
I remember when I started, I bought everything in retail, including the serving plate because I didn’t have enough capital to buy in buck, it was crazy , what I had to deal with, sometimes when I pick one plate up to pay, I’ll be embarrassed for wanting just one plate out of hundred pieces. Overtime I’d use my salary to buy in quarter dozen , sometimes half dozen until now, I dey buy the entire roll join hahaha.
Secondly , another primary challenge was my cooking gas, I started up with just one 6kg camp gas, Henry, before I’ll prepare the sauce, fry the noodles and then face the egg or omelet, omg the Customer is already mad at me for delaying delivery. Well I conquered that too, the business grew now I have a 12kg cylinder added to the 6k plus 2 burner table gas cooker.
When i moved on I wanted people to remember me, refer me and order again so I stared to edit the pictures of my food and I’d add my number and name but it didn’t look excellent to me hahahahaha, I like excellence a lot so I called Mathew, Mathew is a brand developer and my friend, he asked me to bring the food for him to taste and even know what it taste like hahahaha, interestingly he loved the idea and gave it the brand we all enjoy today, that’s why we have branded plates , Social media presence and could attend events as a branded food company.
The business is growing, God is still faithful and I’m grateful to everyone who encouraged me to keep at it. However , of all challenges , the one that is still affecting the business is mobility, you know movements, purchase and delivery happen several times in one day, using public transport can be energy sapping because you have to walk down to the bus stop, you have to deal with the whole pick and drop😂 , it delays our movement and affects the food temperature . But I have a strong feeling that someday, all of that will be a history too.

Henryxclusive: How old is Joseph’s Pot?

Joseph’s Pot: Ehhhrr We are 6 months now.

Henryxclusive: Where do you want Joseph’s Pot to be in 2 years time?

Joseph’s Pot: Honestly, I want Joseph’s Pot to have their take-away centers at Every high institution in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Henryxclusive: How much do you charge for a plate?

Joseph’s Pot: when we started , a plate sold for 1k including free delivery. But now its 1.5, including free delivery.

Henryxclusive: How does your order work?

Joseph’s Pot: Basically through WhatsApp chat and phone calls. When you call us we’ll guide you through the easy process.

Henryxclusive: Your contact details

Joseph’s Pot: On IG we are @Josephs_pot
On Facebook: Joseph’s Pot
On WhatsApp +2348104344994
Or using the hashtags #josephspot #noodlesweydeyburstbrain

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