December 1, 2021

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France rewards Frontline workers with citizenships

France jas rewarded all the immigrants working on the covid 19 Frontline workers with citizenships. Statistics from the office of the Junior Minister for citizenship almost 3,000 people responded and 74 obtained the citizenship already and 693 were in their final stage of obtained theirs.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Ms. Schiappa said: ‘Foreign workers gave their time and swung into action for all of us during the Covid crisis.

‘It is now up to the Republic to take a step toward them. 

‘Health professionals, cleaning ladies, childcare workers, checkout staff: They all proved their commitment to the nation, and it is now the turn of the republic to take a step towards them.’

Additionally, Immigration authorities have also been ordered to reduce the residency period needed for citizenship to two years from the usual five in the case of ‘great services rendered’. 

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