December 3, 2020

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The Largest Media Network in FUTO

Its no doubt that the Federal University of Technology Owerri is blessed with students who are talented not just in
academics but in all aspects of life.

FUTO has a lot of students doing well in all aspect of life, ranging from academics to every area of life especially the entertainment industry. We recently came across the Largest and biggest Media Network in FUTO known as SIPISI MEDIA NETWORK. SIPISI MEDIA NETWORK was created by a student of FUTO and ever since then it has become a very popular Network in the school and beyond.

SIPISI MEDIA NETWORK came into existence on March 2019, it was the idea of Chibuzor Precious. This media network is known for providing a platform for students, and since its existence it has helped students get the right information they need on a daily basis. Sipisi does not only provide news and information for people, they also run adverts for people who has business through their large audience around the campus and beyond, some of their services include; campus marketing, media production, accommodation agency, e-learning services, job opportunities for students and lots of educational activities….. Etc.

Sipisi media network has hosted some of the popular shows in FUTO like the BIG BROTHER FUTO, which gave other schools the leverage to start their own reality shows.
It might interest you to know that Sipisi Media Network isn’t only in FUTO but also in other schools such as University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Imo State University (IMSU), with the aim of getting across every federal school before the end of 2021. MEDIA NETWORK has its biggest pursuit which are yet to be uncovered.