April 11, 2021

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Facts about Linda Ifeoma Ikeji

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger, writer and entrepreneur born on the 19th September, into a Christian family with 7 siblings her parents hail from Nkwerre in Imo state Nigeria. After her secondary School, she got admission into Lagos State University to study English. As a hard-working girl, she started taking part-time jobs as a writer, model and waitress to assist her parents with her tuition fees.

Two years after she graduated ( 2006) she created her blog, www.lindaikejisblog.com as a good writer it didn’t take time for her to generate good contents on her blog. With time her blog grew to the point that opera mini and other mobile browsing app included her site in their defult bookmarks.

Linda’s blog soon became one of the most visited sites in Nigeria and across the globe, as her traffic grew her blog began to attract serious advertisement deals from big companies, non-governmental organizations etc.

In December 2015, Linda fell in love with a man called Sholaye Jeremi, she managed to keep her relationship a secret from the public, in 2018 she became pregnant with his son and delivered him on 17th of September 2018 in Atlanta Georgia, although she and Mr Sholaye are no longer together.

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji has received some international awards and recognition like:

1.) In August 2012, Forbes listed her among the 20 Most Prominent Women In Africa. In the same year, she was interviewed by BBC on the programme “Focus On Africa” which aired on September 25, 2012.

2.) In 2018, Trinity International University Georgia, honoured her with an “Honorary Doctorate Degree” for her great work both in the media and also in business.

3.) In June 2019, Linda was featured on Forbes Africa “Content Is Queen” magazine where she graced the Coverpage.

4.) In 2013, she won the “Best Entertainment Blog” award by Nigeria Blog Awards (NBA). In the same year, her blog LIB was named “website/blog of the Year” by Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award.

On the 21st of November 2016, Linda announced the start of LindaIkejiMusic, an online music platform. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned with the platform and so it became dormant just 3 months after it was launched.

She also started LindaIkejiSocial (LIS), a social media that was meant to connect family and friends just like Facebook and Twitter. This too failed, just like the music platform.

In her interview with Business Insider, she was asked why her social network failed, here is an excerpt of what she said.

“The people that made it, did a poor job, they were mediocre. They promised me heaven and earth and could not deliver.” She continued, “if they had done better, LIS would have thrived. I completely stopped promoting it. If I had continued, people would have still come no matter how bad it was.”

According to her, when she became tired of calling on the developers to fix errors she discovered from the site, she just let it go.

Can she ever resurrect the social networking site? Are we going to see the site sometime in the future again? Well, we don’t know that for sure. But what we do know is, LIS was a great idea that shouldn’t have died the way it did.

Miss Ikeji also started an online TV Channel which she announced on August 22, 2016. she called it LindaIkejiTV.

Within two weeks of that announcement, the TV network received over 10,000 subscribers and has since then continued to grow on a daily basis.

The TV Channel airs talk shows, reality shows, tv series, movies and other kinds of programmes which is produced by her Media team or bought from other sources.

Reports has it that she earns close to N19.5 million every month from direct adverts on her blog alone. Coupled with that is her monthly earnings from Google which is estimated to be around N12 million.

Not even the viral news of Davido buying his girlfriend Chioma a N45 million 2018 Porsche car, has shaken the Nigerian cyber space the linda ikeji net worthway the news of Linda Ikeji’s over half a billion naira mansion did in 2015.

Apart from owning that N556 million house in Banana Island, Lagos, the celebrity blogger is also the owner of a 75 million naira seven-bedroom mansion located at her hometown (Nkwerre) in Imo State.

She also bought her parents a N100 million duplex in Lagos, Nigeria. Talk about spending her money wisely!

The billionaire blogger is not only a lover of big and expensive mansions, she is also a lover of big cars. That is why she has a very good collection of them.

Some of Linda Ikeji cars includes:

1.) A N108 million Bentley Mulsanne which she bought in 2018 for her son to celebrate his arrival.

2.) Range Rover Sport 2014. she bought this car 24 million Naira.

3.) Infinity FX 35. She bought this SUV for N8 million.

4.) Toyota Sequoia. This car which she said she bought for her daddy costs about N7.5 million.

5.) Toyota Camry. She bought this car in 2011.

6.) Honda Civic 2010. this car was her gift to her manager for his hardwork in promoting the LIB brand.

7.) Honda Accord. This one was bought for her younger brother Peks as a birthday gift.

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