April 11, 2021

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Wegistforum as the name implies is basically a site that pays you for discussions and interactions on the site. Money could be made by discussing certain topics, making comments, sharing the sponsored posts across social media platforms, inviting friends and so on.

This site stands out from the others due to the fact that it has paid more activity earners than referral earners, you could still be paid without referring because referrals are optional. Moreso, withdrawals are made daily! As far as you’ve reached the minimum withdrawal amount then you can request for withdrawal anyday, anytime.

There are various other features of this site;

• You can purchase airtime or data with your earnings

• You chat with other members

• A member can get hookups or relationship partners by using the hookup forum section.

And lots more are available on wegistforum.

They have four pocket friendly packages for registration with its rates for earning. In hierarchy of the highest to lowest they are listed as

RUBY – N2,000

GOLD – N1,000



You could subscribe to thier package at these rates and each package has an advantage over the other as a virtue of price

Generally, this how you earn the following in WGC

Daily Login 50 – 100
Registration Bonus 300
Comment 4 – 10
Forum Topics 4 – 15
Sponsored Post 50 – 150
Original Blog Post 100 – 1000
Testimonies 50
And lot more

Let’s not Drag it Too much, Click Link Below now to Register

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