April 11, 2021

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Dignify Womanhood platform (DWP)

The cycle of poverty among the girl child beggats lot of irrelevant negotiation and thoughts. “To educate the girl child in the developing world”, by creating sustainable educational environments that enables the girl to ensure the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all girl – child to education, economic freedom, justice, health and peace amongst all.

The girl child, (young women) are subjected either by pressures from culture, peers, family and society.

Many, because of religion or culture; can not think or make decisions independently, either for marriage or career.

Dreams are like a mirage for their future, society treat them like a liability.

Subjecting them to indulge in prostitution, being sexually molested, abused and raped.

Striving to achieve body goals just to be attractive to men has become the trend and understanding of today’s girls in the society.

“Dignify Womanhood” has come to break the norms of shallow minded ladies.

We bring hope for every woman to thrive in the society of today.

We ensure the boost of self-worth of women, empower them for effectiveness and global relevant.

Women are help mate and the complete every home or organization anywhere around the globe.

“The dignify womanhood platform”, has come to restore the dignity of women and the joy that follows.

The girl child needs to be informed and aware. Every woman needs to stay woken to challenge indecency.

Join this epoch making movement by registering with the link below, come in to unlearn, learn and relearn from a broad diversity of leaders and emerging leaders who are conquered, really concerned about women and girls unique needs, regarding women’s dignity and relevance.

Drop pride, pick your crown – Get a life before becoming a wife !!

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