December 5, 2020

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“Charge your Worth” – Remy tells Creative Entrepreneurs.

One of SouthEast’s Finest bloggers and ICT gurus, Chukwunyere Remy Chidiebere of speaks on the need for Creatives/Entrepreneurs to speak out when charging for their services.

Recently at a gathering of young minds, He said “As a creative/Entrepreneur sometimes it might be difficult but charge your worth. Don’t be discouraged if it scares clients away. They’ll be back when they can afford you”.

He further revealed that “if you undercharge just so you don’t lose them, they won’t come back to you when they can afford more”.

He made it clear that Creatives should always stick to their standards, it makes them stand out. “Never you go below your standard to please anyone”, he told them.

Chukwunyere Remy Popularly known as BossgistCEO is known as one of the biggest Supporters of the creative industry, who is always out to support anyone in his little capacity.