November 27, 2021

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Categories for the Bossgist Awards

The entire team and organizers of Bossgist Awards are pleased to announce the categories up for nomination

Here are the 36 Categories up for nomination;

Best Male Artist
Best Female Artist
Best Producer
Best DJ
Supportive Blogger
Best Female Rapper
Best male rapper
Best Hip-hop Artiste
Best Dancehall Artiste
Best Pop Artiste
Best Afrobeat Artiste
Best Gospel Artiste
Best Project (Eps, Albums, Mixtape)
Best Trap Song
Best Rap/hiphop Song
Listener’s Choice
Best Collaboration
Man Of The Year
Best Group
Best Indigenous Rapper
Best Indigenous Rap Song
Best Gospel Song
Most Featured Artiste
Best Radio FM
Song of the Year
Music Video of the Year
Best Graphics Designer
Best Promoter
Most Controversial
Lyricist on the Roll
Next Rated
Best Female OAP
Best Male OAP
Best Videographer
Best Photographer
Best Female Comedian
Best Male Comedian

Nomination Criteria/Procedures

  1. Your nomination should based on this period “August 2019 to April 2020” in the Imo Entertainment Industry.
  2. Nominate yourself, call on your fans/audience to come nominate you for that particular Category you nominated yourself.
  3. The 5 highest nominations per category makes it to the Voting Stage
  4. You are entitled to multiple category nomination.

NOTE: Nomination starts 7th May, 2020at 12am and ends on 14th May, 2020 at 12amVoting Procedures to be disclosed afterwards

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