September 26, 2020

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“Baddo! Come and sign me before I commit suicide”, upcoming artist pleads!

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An upcoming artist simply reffered to as deewhiz has promised to commit suicide if the ybnl boss, olamide fails to sign in.
In a response to one of olamide’s tweet, where the boss went a bit of lyrically emotional about how it feels lonely at the top and how people only get to know that they need God more than they need money when they are dead.
Its lonely at the top
Ain’t no fuckking cap
Dunno who to trust
Everybody moving mad
Niggas doing drugs
Till they fucking die
That’s when you know you don’t need money than you need God “rich n famous” . #999
Then deewhiz responded, “Baddo sneh come and sign me before I commit suicide oh”. This could be a joke and at the same time be dead serious, because alot of people have taken their lifes just because of something trivial compared to something passionate as this.
The art seem to be a died hard fan of the ybnl boss, judging from the looks, fashion sense and posture :he seem to duplicated all of olamide’s style.
Hopefully Baddo will hear his plea and call him up to avoid stories that touch.