December 1, 2021

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Am facing pressure to get married – MC Lively

Michael Sani populaly known as MC Lively has taken to his Instagram page to reveal that his mum is forcing him to get married.

According to the comedian, he was not under pressure from his mother before because he is the second male child in his family.

However, the pressure was mounted on him after the first male child passed on.

He said:

“Usually, as second-borns, especially when you are a second-born male child, you don’t have issues. All the pressure is on the first born. They keep telling him ‘you are the man of the house’. When it’s time to get married, he’s the one that they’ll be asking ‘when are you going to get married’.

But the second born is just chill. I’m that second born and I was just chill. No girlfriend, no babe, nothing. Tragically, God rest his soul, the first born passed. Now my mum won’t let me rest. ‘When would I marry?’ ‘When would I give her grandkids?’ But I didn’t even have it in my plans. I’ll have to fall in love, get a girlfriend, get married before I have a kid.”

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