December 1, 2021

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About 5 Igbo men dies in New Delhi in less than a week

The Igbo community in New Delhi has reported the mysterious death of about 5 healthy men in less than a week.

A broadcaster identified as Okwuluora claimed he received some videos and pictures but he has refused to share them

“5 Igbo boys dead in New Delhi, India within 1 week. I was sent the videos and pictures but I will not post them. So sad to behold. May their souls find peace. These are HARD TIMES” he wrote.

“We are losing our brothers here in New Delhi. The one that died today just went downstairs to buy a bottle of groundnut. While coming back he fell at the step and died. In less than 4 days days 4 healthy men are dead.” he wrote.

Mike Sylvanus, who is presently in in New Delhi, said “the sad news is real because we are yet to ascertain the cause of their death. About 4 young men died just this week here though some are suspecting it might be one commitment or the other to make quick money.”

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