October 27, 2020

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A soldier and a police officer filmed arguing about who is s superior

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A soldier and a police officer were caught arguing about who is superior.

The argument took place in the middle of a highway and occured as a result of a disagreement over road usage.

The soldier got out of his car, left the door open, and confronted the police officer who placed himself in front of the car.

“You don’t know your senior, abi? Am I your mate?” The police officer said, pointing his finger in the soldier’s face.

“Are you my senior?” The soldier countered, adding, “God will punish you. Are you my senior?”

Getting aggressive, the soldier said, “I’ll change it for you now. Am I your mate?”

Meanwhile, the police officer kept pointing at him, asking, “you don’t know your senior abi?”

As the argument unfolded, citizens, who were sitting on top of bags of goods placed in open trucks, watched both uniformed men with interest.

Watch the video below:

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Video of a police officer and an army man arguing on the road

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